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We help our clients to boost and evolve their business models by INNOVATE + TRANSFORM their SUPPLY + VALUE CHAIN. We created the entire ecosystem for make it happen.

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From Ideation to Creation.


We are going to guide you through all the creative process of evolution.

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We make your dream come true. 


We will lead the full execution of the project from beginning to end; with a flawless execution.

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The 1st One Stop Solution for Business Evolution.


We orchestrate the entire ecosystem with CLOSED, HYBRID and / or OPEN innovation solutions. 


Alkimius engage our experts and partners for long-term and more in-depth engagements.

Alkimius deliver on-going solutions, we are up to lead Incubation and Acceleration Solutions for start-up companies.

Alkimius is committed to create and develop sustainable solutions for contributing with the environment and social impact.



Neutral Digital E2E

Control Tower Solution

End-to-End and real Neutral visibility, control, digitalization and execution of your Supply Chain. From material purchase order management up to delivery to final customer - all in one single platform that orchestrates all the different vendors and boost the data mining of all your systems.


Asset +

Inventory Management

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Using the latest technology for correctly manage and control all the assets and inventories of your company; we will give you peace of mind and exploit all the data analytics for your business. It doesn’t matter if they are in one site or moving in several places; we are going to solve it for you.


Automated Contract 

Logisitics + Smart Plants

Computer Robot

Our engineering team together with our technological partners are transforming the way that contract logistics and smart plants are evolving. We help you to digitalize and automate all your logistic activites + production lines. From automated warehouses to predictive analytic solutions.


Smart Transport +

Last Mile Solutions

Delivery Van

We are revolutionizing the transport services with apps that make more efficient, accurate and faster the way that you are moving cargo. We have create innovative solutions with our partners for Inbound / Outbound, Emergency Logistics, Last Mile Deliveries (same day, same hour, dark stores, micro hubs, etc).


Reverse Logistics +

Customer Experience


Customers really have the power at their fingertips thanks to technology. We help you to exploit all the data in order to know them, better, anticipate trends, needs, experiences and improve the interaction with them. Furthermore, we help you to make easier the engagement.




We blend the different elements available in our ecosystem in order to create THE RIGHT FORMULA for your business evolution: 

We develop tailor-made solutions that are totally configurable according to your specific needs, timeframes and requirements. You choose how integrate services and products.


All our projects should always make our clients to feel comfortable to pick & choose, adopt and commit only to what they need today for evolving their business. There is no pressure or obligations from our side. 

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Find and learn from the latest technology, innovation trends and how it is transformed the Value + Supply Chain of your industry.  We are focused on two dimensions:

Innovation is the new black

Transformation is a journey


Register and join the community by enjoying, sharing or requesting specific topics of innovation and business transformation.