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The sum of innovation is infinite


Restless. Bold. Advanced.


Wise ancient alchemists have been seeking to transmute any ordinary material into gold since remote times. They had access to deep and secret knowledge in different fields of disciplines; forbidden for the rest of the population. As a matter of fact, their ultimate goal was much more profound and transcendental than what most of the people would thought. Alchemists have been searching for the “Magnum Opus” (the Great Work): the philosopher’s stone and reach the eternal life’s elixir in order to cheat death. They devoted and focused their lives to fulfill this purpose through innovation, evolution, discipline and to follow a self-development path that required total dedication. They purified the metals and their souls during their journey.  

As an innovation and transformation platform committed in helping our customer’s evolution; ALKIMIUS holds the same spirit and focus as old alchemists, but applied to today’s business world


Nowadays, the world is experiencing a new revolution that is not only re-defining the way of doing business forward; it's changing the life of every single person by the use of the technology; switching the behavior of the consumers, the way of doing business, amplifying the speed & interconnectivity of the different actors and changing the production/operational parameters among other things. That’s why we merge corporate innovation, accelerator programs and venture capital – all that you need for achieving your next business evolution. 


ALKIMIUS facilitates and gathers several integral solutions into one place, like old alchemists used to do. We are not only going to deliver high quality products and services; we are really going to impact your business metrics. We are going to mentor you on how to lead a successful organizational change by combining years of experience in the field; with proven expertise in different types of business knowledge through our team of experts / business partners and a highly advanced network of innovation centers around the world. Our collaborators are going to be guiding your personal and organizational journey all the way.


ALKIMIUS blends the best of the human imagination, creativity, knowledge and experience, with the most advance technological solutions for helping your business to transcend the self-established frontiers. ALKIMIUS – Driving Innovation.

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Passion. Open-minded. Reliability.


Our values are the foundation of our company. They determinate our code of conduct and how we define our value proposition. ALKIMIUS always aspire to achieve excellence and purity. Our values are implicit in every single thing that we do: from what truly inspires us, in what we are expecting from our team (personally and professionally), up to what we are committing to deliver to our clients. It is what moves us and guides us towards an ideal of company, service and working environment.
Our business is based on the fact that the world is constantly evolving; so, we need knowledgeable team members, who are passionate, reliable and responsible. We need people open to change, to challenge themselves (to leave the comfort zone), to be continuously learning and adapting to the environment. In order to be able to take controlled risks and upfront accountability for their actions; they have to be always looking for new way of thinking and embrace diversity all the time. For ALKIMIUS our clients and our people are the center of our world.


PASSION. Acting with passion makes people able to go beyond established borders and face challenges with more enthusiasm, determination, devotion and power. It is that feeling of absolute satisfaction or joy, that produces something in us; to go further ... is the value that gives meaning to emotions and makes us to completely surrender to what we do.

OPEN-MINDED. Is to be receptive and have the will to bring new ideas into the equation. To think outside the box and connect the dots in a way that nobody else could do it. Mental openness means to be open to new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Is to respect old traditions and former way of doing things without discouraging new opinions, idea, action lines, etc. Having the ability to change and adapt to change, is essential for an innovation company that encourages the transformation.

RELIABILITY. It means that we keep our promises no matter what. Being able to fulfill what was promised is crucial for us (to our clients and team). Our aim is to create long lasting ties and collaboration with our clients, partners and collaborators – generating trust in both directions. We are endorsed by highly capable and motivated individuals, who have the certainty and responsibility that the clients and colleagues deserve. This is reflected in everything that we do: calmly, respectfully, patiently and confidently. Always being proud of our work and our team. Smiling and loving every single challenge that we face.

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Proud. Key Ingredient. Treasure.


We are very proud of our team. Each one of them is unique and special – they play an important role in the design, creation and implementation of our solutions. As the ancient alchemists would say: "What is above is below; what is below is above. We are all part of the same and of the whole."

Our people are the key ingredient of our successful formula. They are the main reason of why our company is different from the rest. They are our treasure and as such, we will carefully select them, take care, invest and help them to bloom their full potential.  We are all alchemists – WE ARE ALKIMIUS.


Mauro Gonzalez



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Agustin Espagnol




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Romina Noto





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Javier Espeche



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Edgar Hernandez



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Eugenia Pignataro



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Javier Martínez


Team Talk

Be part of us, send your resume at:

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Currently we have presence in 5 countries with our strategic partners and representation network. We'll be more than happy to be closer to your business, so tell us where you need us.


Buenos Aires

Esmeralda 847
Buenos Aires City


+54 11 5409 2706

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Am Sandtorkai 27/28
VII Boden

+49 1512 4242534

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Prol. Vista Hermosa 108


+52 55 1473 7017

NYC Skyline BW


New Jersey

35 Delaware Ave
New Providence, NJ

+1 908 346 4526




Plaza de la Lealtad 2


+ 34 6274 83697






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