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Where focus goes, energy flows



Our Innovation team is going to help your company to systematize the entire creative and design process. We have a proven methodology that is going sequence and link every single step – from the brainstorming sessions up to final design document for implementation.




Quick Assessment + Ideation

We review and understand all your innovation needs for creating a full solution combining the different elements of our ecosystem and exploiting our industry expertise. 

This service is FREE of charge – try it now!


Innovation Facilitation Services

We provide Virtual + On-Site Workshops and Training Services. Our team of experts would walk you through the entire Design + Creation Journey until getting to the MVP Document. 


This service will be quoted based on specific needs.


Corporate Innovation Services

We supercharge the innovation of multiple industry-leading corporations. We can help you to manage and lead your entire corporate innovation program for creating a transformational culture from within. 


This service will be quoted on a program management basis.


Innovation Project Services

We have a solution for specific projects that would need to a heavy workload of engineering, interviewing and assessing several participants in order to design a specific solution. 


This service will be quoted based on a project basis.


Open Innovation Services

Our Open Innovation Business Management Model promotes collaboration with people and organizations outside the company in different ways such as: alliances between companies, research chairs in universities, crowdsourcing competitions and more.


Ask about out Solutions and Services.


We are going to help you to innovate in the terms and conditions that best suits your organization and business culture. Each type of innovation has it ups and downs.  We are going to lead you all the way. 

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We have a full suite of solutions for your internal growth: from workshops and corporate innovation programs, up to on-site transformation support. Your space, your terms. 


We are going to assist your innovation and integrate the entrepreneurial world and our full ecosystem in order to help you to transcend your own limits. 


If you are looking for a true open innovation platform; We are going to de-risk innovation and deliver tangible opportunities that have sustainable and scalable impact.


INNOVATION + TRANSFORMATION is not just plug-in a new technological solution, re-engine processes or outsource a specific task. It is a JOURNEY that starts with what we call the 5 I’s Model.


From a deep immersion to understand the client up to demonstrate the real business impact of the business through hard data and tangible results. 

Meet Up


A great vision or innovation is nothing if you are not able to adopt, extend and expand it within our company. Therefore, a flawless execution is critical for a successful evolution of your business model.

Our team of experts have plenty experience in leading and executing business, technological, organizational and cultural changes. We are going to make it happen.

ALKIMIUS is going to lead end-to-end the entire transformational process coordinating and synchronizing all the participants that might intervene in the entire journey – your teams, our experts, ours or your external partners too. You just focus your energy on your core business.



Project Management Service

We will design and execute the Project Management of your innovation with whom you decide to do it. We will be your shadow management team all the way. 


This service will be quoted based on a specific consulting proposal.


Turnkey Project

We are going to take care and full responsibility of the implementation of the project with our ecosystem of partners until it is 100% operational and ready for hand it over. 


This service will be quoted based on a management fee for the project value.


Managed Service Solutions

In case that the customer needs Innovation + Execution beyond the implementation; we can offer our solutions as PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service), during the entire life of the project. 


This service will be quoted on a project basis.


Transformation as a Service

If you need support with your mixed or external innovation programs; we can support your company with our TAS Solution. From scouting to acceleration and fundraising services – we cover all your specific needs. 


This service will be quoted based on a project basis.


Joint Investment Solutions

We are ready to put our skin in the game too. Alkimius does much more than innovation + transformation – we could be your partner for boosting your start-up, accelerate your business and/or transcend your current limitations.


Ask about out Solutions and Services.

Modern Concrete Architecture


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Alkimius Projects engage our experts and partners for long-term and more in-depth engagements. From innovation assessments and business evaluations up to the most complete transformation project that your company might require.

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Alkimius Execution can deliver on-going solutions for your organization. From executing Managed Services for your Value + Supply Chain, SaaS and PaaS Solutions; up to lead Incubation and Acceleration Solutions for start-up companies.

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Alkimius Green is committed to create and develop sustainable solutions for contributing with the environment and social impact. We create innovative solutions for helping circular economy and zero impact initiatives to come true.


Neutral Digital E2E

Control Tower Solution

End-to-End and real Neutral visibility, control, digitalization and execution of your Supply Chain. From material purchase order management up to delivery to final customer - all in one single platform that orchestrates all the different vendors and boost the data mining of all your systems.


Asset +

Inventory Management

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Using the latest technology for correctly manage and control all the assets and inventories of your company; we will give you peace of mind and exploit all the data analytics for your business. It doesn’t matter if they are in one site or moving in several places; we are going to solve it for you.


Automated Contract 

Logisitics + Smart Plants

Computer Robot

Our engineering team together with our technological partners are transforming the way that contract logistics and smart plants are evolving. We help you to digitalize and automate all your logistic activites + production lines. From automated warehouses to predictive analytic solutions.


Smart Transport +

Last Mile Solutions

Delivery Van

We are revolutionizing the transport services with apps that make more efficient, accurate and faster the way that you are moving cargo. We have create innovative solutions with our partners for Inbound / Outbound, Emergency Logistics, Last Mile Deliveries (same day, same hour, dark stores, micro hubs, etc).


Reverse Logistics +

Customer Experience


Customers really have the power at their fingertips thanks to technology. We help you to exploit all the data in order to know them, better, anticipate trends, needs, experiences and improve the interaction with them. Furthermore, we help you to make easier the engagement.

Elegant Abstract Background

Transformational Roadmap_

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Identify Your Innovation Topic or Transformation Need

Our team of professionals will work with you to create a tailored approach that identifies, assesses, and answers your questions on your timeline.

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Design a Solid Plan

Based on your needs, we further work with you to design a plan with our distinct offerings: consultations, surveys, events, projects, execution and placements. We will synchronize all the interactions and deliverables of all the participants.

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Work and Learn from the Best

Connect with the right subject-matter experts for your specific needs, collaborate with the best partners, entrepreneurs and institutes in your timeframe. ALKIMIUS works with professionals across different industries, roles and geographies in order to create the best available solution for you.

Abstract Structure


All our projects should always make our clients to feel comfortable to pick & choose, adopt and commit only to what they need today for evolving their business. There is no pressure or obligations from our side. 


it refers to a group of software development methodologies based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. 


it means having a tech solution that’s able to interact with any systems or any products in the same category. We are not attached to any brand, technology or product – only with is the best for your business today and tomorrow.


it refers to an engineering approach geared toward developing applications / solutions in terms of modules or components. A modular information system is built around different modules that encompass a cohesively whole solution and / or system.


it refers to that which is capable of being bent and adds sometimes the idea of compressibility or expansibility. Our solutions are not rigid – we adapt ourselves to each customer needs. 


it means correct in all details; exact. Capable of or successful in reaching the intended target. We will tackle each specific milestone at a time but always considering the entire evolution roadmap that your business require.


We strongly believe that INNOVATION + TRANSFORMATION is a process that can be easily develop and replicable for all organizations with a high degree of success; if the correct methodologies, techniques and expertise is involved in the right sequence. Our toolbox, team and ecosystem are at your service. We are going to be guiding your path through all the entire journey of evolution.

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