Our Story

Ancient wise alchemists have been seeking to transmute any material into gold since remote times.

They had access to deep and secret knowledge in many different fields of disciplines that the rest of the population didn’t. As a matter of fact, their ultimate goal was much more profound and transcendental than what most of the people thought. Alchemists have been searching for the philosopher’s stone and reach the eternal life and cheat death. They devoted and focused their lives to fulfill this purpose through innovation, evolution and to follow a self-development path that required discipline and dedication.


As Digital Transformation and Innovation Platform committed in helping our customer’s evolution; Alkimius Group keeps the same spirit and focus as old alchemists, but applied to the modern business world.

Nowadays, the world is experiencing a new Industrial Revolution that is not only re-defining the way of doing business forward; it's changing the life of every single person by the use of the technology; switching the behavior of the consumers, amplifying the speed and connectivity of the different actors and changing the production parameters among other things.


Alkimius Group facilitates and gathers several integral solutions for digital transformation and innovation of the companies. We are not only delivering high quality products and services; we are combining years of experience in the field, proven expertise in different business areas through our team of experts / business partners and highly recognized network of collaborators that are going to be guiding this transformational change, side by side your organization all the way. Alkimius Group blends the best of the human creativity and knowledge with the most advance technological solutions for guiding your journey to a successful future. Alkimius Group – driving innovation.


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