Our Values

Our values ​​are the foundation of our company. They determinate our code of conduct and how we define our value proposition. They are implicit in every single thing that we do: from what truly inspires us, in what we are expecting from our team (personally and professionally), up to what we are committing to deliver for our clients. It is what moves us and guides us towards an ideal of company, service and working environment.


Our business is based on the fact that the world is constantly evolving; so, we need knowledgeable team members, who are passionate, reliable and responsible. We need people open to change, to challenge themselves (to leave the comfort zone), to be continuously learning and adaptable to the environment, to be able to take controlled risks and upfront responsibility for their actions, to be always looking for new way of thinking and being able to embrace diversity. For Alkimius Group our clients and our people are the center of our world.

Passion. Acting with passion makes people able to go beyond established borders and face challenges with more enthusiasm, determination, devotion and power. It is that feeling of absolute satisfaction or joy that produces something in us, to go further ... is the value that gives meaning to emotions and makes us completely surrender to what we do.


Open-minded. Is to be receptive and have the will to consider new ideas into the equation. To think outside the box and connect the dots in a way that nobody else could. Mental openness means to be open to new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Is to respect old traditions and former way of doing things without discourishing new opinions, idea, action, etc.  Having the ability to change and adapt to change, is essential for an innovation company that encourages the transformation.


Reliability. It means that we keep our promises no matter what. Being able to fulfill what was promised is crucial for us (to our clients and people). Our aim is to create long lasting ties and collaboration with our clients, partners and people – generating trust in both directions. We are endorsed by highly capable and motivated people, who have the certainty and responsibility that the clients and colleagues demand and deserves. This is reflected in everything that we do: calmly, respectfully, patiently and confidently. Always being proud of our work and our team. Smiling and loving every single challenge that we face.


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