• Mauro R. González, CEO

Welcome to a new world!

Frankly speaking, I am very excited for having the opportunity to write this first blog of Alkimius. At the same time, I have a very strange mix of feelings due to the situation that we are experiencing at the moment with the Covid-19 situation.

Many people, companies and countries are suffering at the moment. Economies are being heavily impacted across all industries and sectors. The entire world found a faceless enemy that trans pass all borders, religions, races, ages… this silent enemy is forcing everybody to redefine priorities and to accept how fragile is the ecosystem in which we are living as human beings. Today, we are having the opportunity to experience how beautiful is our life and what really matters: health, family, friends, balance, spiritualism, self-development, etc. So far, we have been a spoiled generation and maybe this was just the wakeup call that we were missing in our time in order to correct our path, change our interaction with the environment, redefine our business ethics and why not, maybe to connect differently between all of us. The same is happening to all the companies around the world. They have been forced to embrace new ways of doing things, react quickly to the global situation, to think out of the box in order to keep the business floating. Nobody knows what is going to happen once this is over and how things will change… but one thing is for sure: The world is not going to be the same. Long time ago, when I was reading Paulo Coelho’s worldwide bestseller “The Alchemist”; I understood that everything happens for a reason. All good and bad things, all the people that you meet, all the places that you visit, all the experiences that you collected through the years, etc., everything has a purpose. We might not understand or like it at that moment (nobody wants to suffer), but those are the moments in life that defines who we are and how we will face challenge. Those are the breaking points in which a person (or a company), evolves in order to overcome the situation or miss the path – there is nothing in between. Those are the moments where leadership, innovation and imagination step up and turn us in something completely different. Maybe, this situation is not so bad after all. I have faith that human kind will get out of this terrible situation stronger and united. Remember, everything passes and this shall pass too. In Alkimius we are going to continue working hard in order to help our clients to innovate in their business models, transform their organizations and make the best out of this crisis. We will honour our story as true modern alchemists by being restless, bold and advanced. We will find the right formula for incubate, accelerate and transform your business. Passion, Open-minded, Reliability are the key ingredients that our team will share with you during the whole journey. Hang in there!… and reinvent yourself! Leave your comfort zone and experience new things. Now it is the time. You might fail or fall but I am sure that you will stand up, learn and in due time, you will master it. I truly believe that we will transcend if we never give up to our dreams. By innovating and persisting, you will achieve greatness and success. Alkimius is going to walk by your side all the way – that’s our commitment. Stay home, stay healthy and don’t hesitate to contact us. Yours, Mauro


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